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The Best Tools for Sales Managers

Just as some groceries are indispensable and while preparing a certain meal, so your business shouldn’t lack particular sales tools. What features are they supposed to have, though?

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    Sales Management: Introduction

    Needless to say, sales management is now becoming more important than ever. The cost, by the way, which a company bears for a bad sales manager amounts to… $3,5 million. This branch of business—sales—directly measures your sales results which have a very impact on your enterprise’s performance. What counts here most is managing the entire cycle of sales and making certain that processes happening within a sales funnel boost your sales.


    To both ensure the whole sales management process is run smoothly and assist sales managers with appropriate means, there are emerging various tools. The primary goal of such software is to increase your efficiency and boost your revenue (which is somewhat the ultimate goal, isn’t it?).


    What Sales Management Tools Are?

    On the lookout for the definition of sales management tools, one can easily overdo it. The simplest (and perhaps the most desired) explanation would be something like:

    Sales management tools give managers clear insights into the sales pipeline and process, team activity, individual rep performance, and deal status. It enables them to quickly get the data they need to make better decisions and optimize any part of their team’s sales workflow.

    As partially demonstrated, sales management tools entail very various tasks, including email automation, sales team management, or pipeline-related issues. Needed to add, they will take various forms, depending mostly on a size of a company.


    It’s noteworthy that sales management tools are also comprehensive—they enable you to store data, conduct operations, and perform analyses in one place.

    Additional features will include:

    • training and coaching as well as some incentives for a team member
    • project management
    • communication tools
    • market research
    • lead scoring

    How Sales Management Tools Have Evolved?

    More than 20 years have passed since the first online store was launched (that was very well-known today During this time, the sales industry has evolved in an unimaginable way. Hundreds of thousands of new e-shops have appeared, sales platforms such as eBay have grown in importance; the significance of purchases made through mobile devices has increased. Even completely new payment methods have been devised, accelerating the finalization of transactions.


    Nowadays, conducting online sales is an idea for a business with a relatively low entry threshold; it gives the possibility of scaling revenues almost indefinitely.

    To make it possible, it is necessary not only to skillfully conduct marketing and sales activities but also to use appropriate tools that allow for efficient management of the sales process itself.

    However, how do you know which tools available on the market will be the best for your business? 

    You’ll soon get to know them.


    The Best Tools for Sales Managers [LIST]

    As promised, we’ll now provide you with those sales management tools which will be of significant help to your business.


    Sellizer—sales management software

    This is software that we’ve placed as the first because of its complexity.

    On the whole, Sellizer is a comprehensive sales supporting tool. Its main function is notifying you as soon as a customer has opened and then viewed a proposal or offer that you sent.

    Sellizer’s success consists in a threefold structure, namely:

    • Sellizer improves your sales performance. We will notify you via instant SMS as soon as the customer opens your proposal. Don’t miss the best moment to get in touch with them, discuss the main aspects, resolve their doubts and help them with making a decision.
    • Sellizer understands your customers. Find out who opens your proposal, which of its elements intrigued them the most and how much time they spent on a particular page. Analyse this information to work more efficiently.
    • Sellizer improves your sales team efficiency. Make the right decisions at the right time. Thanks to detailed statistics and automated reports you can easily analyse and understand the activities of your sales team.

    That said, Sellizer’ll provide you with crucial sales management features. They can be broken down into two groups:

    Effectivenes of your offers

    Contact book
    Company book

    Managing your sales team

    Creating and managing a sales team
    Roles and permissions management
    Team activity reports

    Pricing: $5—$35 a month


    Bitrix24—a sales management tool

    Bitrix24 offers a plethora of solutions and divides them by role, industry, or business size. It’s based on five pillars which jointly account for communications, tasks and projects, CRM, contact center, and websites. As described on the website, Bitrix24 is a digital sales suite that helps in lead acquisition, lead management, and sales automation. It is also integrated into Sellizer.

    Pricing: $0—$199 a month


    Livespace—a sales management tool

    Livespace helps you plan, optimize, and control the sale process. It comprises two steps and lasts—according to the website—21 days; you can note a 36% increase in sales. The key features of the tool include facilitating teamwork, making sales forecasts as well as wise management. It is worth mentioning that Livespace is integrated into Sellizer.

    Pricing: $17.65—$52.94 a month


    EngageBay—a sales management tool

    EngageBay provides one with a plethora of products. Those entail, among other, email sequences, CRM database, and sales CRM. In terms of sales, the popular features are telephony, sales automation, multiple deal pipelines, and email sequences. Trusted by over 28000 customers, EngageBay helps you sell faster.

    Pricing: $0—$79.99 a month


    HubSpot—a sales management tool

    HubSpot enables teams to close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively. Having acknowledged that sales processes may be mundane at times, the provider ensures that friction is eliminated. Along with innumerable features, HubSpot offers 24/7 customer support.

    Pricing: $0—$1200 a month


    Pipedrive—a sales management tool

    Pipedrive can increase your sales up to 28%. Additionally, it will require much less manual work. Used in 179 countries, software puts an emphasis on activities and teaches you to prioritize tasks. The primary sales features of the tool include sales automation, managing leads, insights & reports as well as email & communications. Pipedrive is also compatible with Sellizer.

    Pricing: €15—€99 a month


    Freshworks—a sales management tool

    Freshworks is an appropriate sales tool for both small and big businesses. Its threefold approach consists in closing deals faster, improving seller effectiveness, and reducing IT complexity and cost. What’s more, Freshworks is integrated into many popular tools, such as Gmail, Zapier, or Slack.

    Pricing: $0—$86 a month

    Sales Management: Summary

    As you can see, ridding your work of humdrum tasks (that are additionally ineffective) is now easier than ever. With a variety of sales management tools, you can go conquer the world!

    Feel free to leave some suggestions and comments if you have any. What matters for you most when it comes to sales management?

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