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SMS and email notifications about every opening of proposal

Are you wondering whether your customers had enough time to read your proposal or maybe they did it right after receiving it and already forgot everything? You don't need to guess or worry anymore!

Complex proposals' analytics

Until now, you learned second-handed about the customer's opinion about your proposal - you knew as much as they told you. The problem is that 'consumers don't think how they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say' (David Ogilvy).

100% reliable real-time statistics

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… New data! Statistics are worth their weight in gold because each piece of information increases your chance of successful sale and profit. We know that up-to-date data is the most valuable so we refresh it for you in real time with tremendous frequency - every 5 seconds!

Email open tracking

Clients don't respond? Nothing new but for sure you wonder if they even opened your email. You've probably already used tools that inform you about email opening - you can find them in your email client or in the form of external plugins. However, you have noticed that their effectiveness is not entirely certain. We have a better solution.

AI-elemented proposals evaluation indicator

So many contacts, so little time! If only you could quickly separate the promising ones from those barely interested. Good news - you can actually do it! Each of the proposals you send receives a colored evaluation indicator. Its color reflects your chances of winning the proposal.

Lead nurturing and automated follow ups

Have you ever heard about lead nurturing? It is feeding the contact, gently heating it, tightening the relationship and bringing it to a boil that ends with a coveted sale. That's your daily, sometimes arduous work, consisting of an endless cycle of proposals, phone calls and follow ups.

Lead forms

Turn your website into a lead generation machine! With just a few clicks you can configure a pop up registration form containing, for example, e-mail, phone number and name fields. The finished project will be generated by Sellizer in the form of a code ready to be pasted on your website.

Message templates

Do you work according to a well-thought-out plan and have your own template that you always use in the first message or in emails with the summary of the conversation? Why rewrite it or paste it from a file every time when you can create a template in Sellizer in just few clicks?

Sending proposals through any channel

You are probably used to the way you send proposals: via email, LinkedIn, Skype or even SMS - fortunately, to use all the benefits of Sellizer you don't have to change your habits. You can easily generate links to your proposals that you can send just like you did before.

Mass sending without SPAM

You know what it is like with mass mailings: you have a unique, attractive proposal that you have been preparing for weeks and you are convinced that all customers will love it. First, you struggle to send everything without risking the pitfalls of GDPR and then half of the recipients don't receive your message because it falls into SPAM. End of it.

Contact order widget

Sometimes you need to give some initiative to your customer so if you don't want to contact them immediately after opening the proposal, the ball's in their court by inserting the widget at the end of your proposal with just one click. Recipients will display a special pop up window with a form encouraging them to leave a phone number or email and order a proposal's consultation with you. We will send the information about the ordered contact immediately to your email.

Example contract order widget

PROPOSAL -> AGREEMENT -> DEAL! Could it be that simple? Try our example contract order widget and check it by yourself. You will enable this function while preparing the proposal to send. During viewing your proposal the customer will see a pop up window with a field to fill an email address and a button that will allow them to order the example contract immediately. Information about the order will be sent to your email immediately. Closing the sale is at your fingertips.

Scheduled sending

Do you sometimes work late or during the weekends or maybe your customers are from a different time zone? Sending a proposal at 4 am isn't the best idea but after hours in front of the computer you just dream of getting over it. Schedule a shipment of your proposal in advance - choose a specific date and time and Sellizer will take care of the rest.

Quick proposals' copying

General, standard or just simply the same proposal addressed to several customers with similar expectations and needs. What if you want to resend it to another recipient? By using the option of quick copying you can do it without having to fill in all the data again - just enter the details of the new recipient and click send button.

Automated sales reports

For a salesperson, reports can be a nuisance and an imposed necessity. For a manager, on the other hand, a convenient summary and a source of up-to-date knowledge about the team's effectiveness. How to connect these two worlds? Automated reports are the answer! You don't have to waste your time on preparing detailed reports by yourself anymore. With Sellizer you get a quick periodic summary of sales activity - both yours and your team's.

JavaScript codes support

JavaScript codes are used to support and integrate many useful tools that can take your sales to a whole new level. With this Sellizer module, you can easily paste lines of code that will open the way for you to display personalized ads on Facebook and on the Google Display Network.

Proposal's link in graphic or textual version

Choose by yourself whether the proposals you send should be displayed in the message in the form of a clickable graphic attachment or a textual link. Regardless of option you choose, Sellizer gives you additional options for customization and personalization.

Full proposals' personalization - custom logo and domain

Take care of every detail of your proposal by setting your company logo in the proposal's viewing window and personalizing the link to your proposal using your company's domain. When a customer opens your proposal they will see that it is embedded in the domain of the company you represent.

Language of proposal's viewing window

Are your customers from all over the world? We made sure that proposal's viewing window can be displayed in the right language so your customers won't miss anything.

Personalized email signature

Do you want the messages sent from Sellizer to look the same as the emails you have sent so far? Take care of the full personalization of your communication with customers by adding your personal email signature. You can prepare it in the Sellizer editor or paste the HTML code of your signature.

Proposals' widgets

Increase the possibilities of your proposals! By adding special widgets you can extend the functionality of sent proposals both making it easier for the recipient to make a return contact. By displaying the widget to the customer, you make it much easier for them to order a phone call with you or a contract template.

Many files in one email

What's better than one proposal? Two proposals! We're sure you often send several proposal files, options, packages, presentations, bonuses ... Now you can fit everything in one message because a single proposal you send with Sellizer can consist of up to 10 different files with a maximum size of 200MB each.

Creating and managing sales team

Move your sales team to Sellizer! In a few seconds you can add all your colleagues, just enter their email addresses. As a leader, you can follow the work and effectiveness of the entire team on an ongoing basis. This gives you the opportunity to instantly identify the critical points of the sales process and repair them.

Roles and permissions management

Thanks to the convenient management of roles and permissions, as a manager, you can freely assign and limit the access of individual team members. In the front line of customer service order is very important so we give you the opportunity to fully adapt the product to your style of work.

Team activity reports

Do you want to stay in control of your sales performance and efficiency? You will appreciate the team activity reports available in the app and emailed to you regularly weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. A clear and convenient form of the reports will allow you to quickly verify the effectiveness of your team and determine which salespeople are the best and who may need some help.

Contact book

How many times do you message one customer? Another proposal, reminder, followup or simply maintaining the relationship. Selling is a process that usually requires more than one contact. Thanks to the contact book once entered contact is at your hand so you can use it again with just few clicks without having to enter it manually.

Company book

Sellizer allows you to add individual contacts and archive the communication you conduct with them. We took this functionality to a whole new level by allowing you to create company profiles to which you can assign individual contacts.

Various file formats support

Proposal has many names and definitely more than one file format. Sometimes you send a table, sometimes a spreadsheet, other times textual explanations or graphic visualizations. Sellizer, in addition to the good old .pdf, supports many other file formats that you use every day, e.g. .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .png.

Documents library and files sharing

Upload once, use whenever you need it - alone or with your whole sales team. The document module in Sellizer will allow you to store and share the necessary sales files without limiting the space or time. Your documents are completely safe and always at hand.

Cloud access

Regardless of the device you use, whenever and wherever you are, your proposals and open sales opportunities are always at your hand. Sellizer works in the cloud which means that your data is always close to you.

Advanced filters

Huge number of sent proposals makes you feeling lost? With us you will find a way easily! With our proposal filters you will quickly sort and find individual documents.

Proposals history and storage

All your activities are archived on servers in the cloud so that you can always come back to your past contacts and reach for proposals and customers that you dealt with months ago or share this useful information with other team members.

Proposals statuses

Win, lost, in progress - you can mark each proposal to get a better overview of your work progress. Each proposal straight after you click the send button will be placed on the list with the default status "In progress" - you can change this status yourself to reflect the situation of your sales process better.

Email integration

Sending emails with proposals is the everyday duty of most salespeople. To make your life easier we have created a simple way to integrate Sellizer with your mailbox. If you use Gmail, integration is automatic, in other cases you have to fill in SMTP / IMAP data.

Outlook integration (application and browser version)

Are you using Outlook 2013+? Great, you don't have to change your habits. Just download our plugin and work as usual but better because it's with Sellizer!

Pipedrive integration

Sellizer fits perfectly into your sales process. Thanks to the ready plugin you can connect our tool with the sales management tools you use such as Pipedrive.

Livespace integration

Do you use numerous tools to improve your sales process? Combine them to discover many interesting opportunities and a whole new quality of work.

Bitrix24 integration

We are constantly adding new plugins to make it as easy as possible to integrate Sellizer with popular sales supporting tools. Another one is Bitrix24 so now you can conveniently manage your sales by sending proposals with Sellizer directly from your Bitrix24 panel.

CallPage integration

From quick contact, through a great proposal to immediate closing the sale with success! Easy Sellizer integration with Callpage through a ready-made plugin will allow you to control the entire process and show the customer what professional contact and exemplary service mean.

Access to API

One API to rule everything. One API to build sales. One API to collect data and work wisely! Thanks to the API you will combine the advantages of Sellizer with data from other tools.

In accordance with the law and GDPR

Databases, phone numbers, email addresses, names and companies - sensitive data protected by law flow through your hands and the systems you use every day. Their safety is a priority, after all, with a great base comes great responsibility.

Full confidentiality - we keep your secrets

Your work, proposals and contacts are kept in one place but don't worry, we know their value and will take care of your safety.